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Simplify Your Web3 Journey

Welcome to DeMe, where blockchain meets the future of social networking! By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, DeMe is transforming the way we communicate and interact online.


Through token-gated groups/communities and a decentralised network, DeMe provides a secure and reliable platform for users to post, share and access content. DeMe Groups enable brands and individual users to build deeper and more meaningful connections with their following whilst enabling them to monetise their social profiles in a simple manner, generating perpetual income streams. With DeMe, users can connect with like-minded people, share their stories and get rewarded for their contributions with digital tokens.


Join the DeMe revolution and explore a world of possibilities to create, express, and participate in the decentralised future!

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DeMe Social App
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DeMe Profile Page

Aggregated Wallet Profile

DeMe users can add multiple wallets into a singular profile view and display all digital collectibles in one location! 

Each users profile displays your tokenised media, your on chain content, and the token gated groups that they are a member of. Users can also connect up to six other social platforms directly to their DeMe profile so that other users may explore their reach across all Social Platforms!

Discover Communities

No longer do you need to scroll through vast alpha groups, DeMe allows you to discover trending groups and topics in a simple and easy way!

DeMe Group Homepage
DeMe Group Post Page

Gated Groups

DeMe offers public and private (token gated) communities. No longer do you need to verify digital ownership using multiple platforms and third part bots. We do it all for you, automatically!

DeMe's platform communities offer invaluable brand building opportunities. By engaging with like-minded users, brands can increase recognition, gain loyalty, and receive valuable feedback. Plus, aligning with DeMe's ethos of creating opportunities, driving value, and making a difference can further cement a positive reputation. Join the waitlist today!

Enhance your Community Experience!

DeMe revolutionises community building for brands by automating the creation of token gated communities. Exclusive access is granted only to those who hold a certain amount of tokens, incentivising community members to hold onto their tokens and participate in community or DAO focused activities. Join DeMe and start building your own community today!

DeMe Group - Token Gated Polling
DeMe Group Token Gated - Denied Access

Token Gated Communities

Issue tokens and create customisable token gated groups for yourself or your brand, simply add members to the group and we do the rest! Share with friends and build a whole new way of connecting with your community!

Liquid Bubbles

Simple Ownership Verification

Verify digital collectible ownership in the click of a button. Purchase, Sell, or License tokenised content via the on-platform marketplace and make trading simple!

DeMe Content Ownership

Join the Waitlist

Join and get first access to DeMe.

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